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Made in ethically accredited factories, our products are considerate of the workers and their futures. Ethical fashion is about the farmers who grow the cotton, the workers who cut and sew each garment and the environment. It is their quality of life and the care of the environment that is extremely important to the Fork Tree team.

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Produced from organic or recycled materials. Organic cotton, is made from GMO-free plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals like fertilisers or pesticides. Organic cotton is better for the environment, the climate and the people involved. Unfortunately, less than 0.1% of global cotton production is Organic.

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In years to come when you’re finished with your garment, even if it is damaged, post it back to us or drop it into one of our Three Valleys stockists. We’ll return it to the manufacturer where it will be reused, closing the loop, and keeping materials out of landfill.

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Co2 per product has been reduced by 80% compared to the average t-shirt. Organic fabrics mean less carbon-intensive nitrogen fertiliser, and less machinery. Renewable energy powers the factory in India and new print technology reduces waste massively.  You can help and do your bit post-purchase as 80% of the Co2 from clothes comes from washing and drying. Cool wash and air dry, easy!


To tackle the social injustice in fashion, all our clothes are fully traceable. Just use the QR code on all our garments to trace their history. Traceable clothing helps you make better choices, by showing you where the clothing comes from and how it is made. The traceability maps show right from the planting of the seed through to the fabrics, manufacturingenergy use and transport.